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Studio Montefiorino

Maurizio Carpanelli

Maurizio Carpanelli was born and grew up in Bologna in 1946. He attended High School of Science and then he enrolled at Engineering College, following graduation in Electronics. The passion for art comes along with his job and scientific interests, but he looked after it as a personal secret moment. Throughout those years, he started a new brilliant carreer out in the field of industry and technology, keeping that passion for himself. Through the years the pleasure become need and wish to measure against public.


He has been painting since he was nineteen and he never attended an art school but he always painted by his own. He started trying oil on canvas, the first paintings were small and with lot of oil, image was a soft mixture of colours which gave a deep feeling of proximity to the visitor.


This first artistic period is stopped by his graduation at the University and his first job experience in a big business company in Bologna. He resumed his artistic activity in the seventies: as his works testify, Carpanelli's references seem to consists of a rethinking of the physical presence of colour and combine the pure chromatism of Fauvism with the expressionism of Van Gogh in something approaching an informal solution. Over the years, the traditional fauvism landscape is influenced by modern art and the brushstroke is always much more as a chromatic amalgam. The artist continues painting different topics as architectures, still lifes and portraits.


In the last time period, Maurizio Carpanelli felt the need to get himself across a wider public, his intense and deep brushstroke bring him to abstract style. He's impressed by German Expressionism an by his concept. This is a new stage: he went beyond the naturalistic theme, mixed on the canvas, between a pysichal and psycologic aspect. Signs of a new and developed abstraction came up instead, full of memories, consequences, rhythms: signs that will find themselves in complete synergy with colours and lights, main characters of the art work, reflection of the personality of the artist.

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