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Studio Montefiorino

Jana Magro - 2019-07-14

The experimentation allows to achieve the change. The change makes it possible to achieve renewal. The renewal allows to reach the uniqueness. Maurizio Carpanelli once again surprises us with the proposal of a new cycle of figurative works, made in enamel and acrylic on plexiglas, and depicting his beloved city of Bologna. It is a new and original technique that allows to overcome the physical limit of the ...read more

Monica Boghi - 2017-01-15

"When you walk on the earth after flying, you look into the sky because you were there and want to come back" (Leonardo da Vinci)
4th October 1957. It is not perhaps the most significant dates in history, but it is one that celebrates the first launch of an artificial satellite in orbit, representing a turning point towards the maximum human aspiration: to be able to explore the ...read more

Monica Boghi - 2016-11-01

In the new oil creations Maurizio Carpanelli, is no longer just the physical component to emerge, but it is the space, that materializes on the canvas in all its three-dimensionality. His previous works in oil were known for their being strongly projecting, getting into the viewer's space. In this case however we are faced with canvas defined "multiple", since they create a continuum between the ...read more

Monica Boghi - 2016-10-23