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P. iva IT03109021208

Studio Montefiorino

Stresa-Regina Palace Hotel

Associazione culturale Soul d'Aleramo - 2022-10-23


Carpanelli - 2022-04-08

Associazione culturale La rosa dei venti, Via Angelo Poliziano 32/34, Medina Roma

La rosa dei venti - 2020-02-07

Venice. Palazzo Albrizzi Capello - Cannareggio 4118

Maurizio Carpanelli - 2019-11-13

Bologna - Italia - Strada Maggiore 21/B - to 6,00 pm

Carpanelli's abstract acrylics ... surprise the fluid dynamics ... they memorize with emphasis the energies "launched" by the brush ... define new spatial volumes by shaping them with spatulas. Emotionally enveloping painting and powerfully integrated from Carpanelli's dripping to enamel.

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Maurizio Carpanelli - 2019-05-25

Bologna - Italia - Strada Maggiore 21/B - to 6.00 pm

Maurizio Carpanelli - 2019-05-11